Sorry, it took so long to add a new post, but we had a very busy summer. Finally, we are back from Northern Russia! We are preparing a huge post so don’t forget to visit our page regularly from now on. We’ll try to make it as fast as possible, but it’s a lot of material so be patient. For starters we add several photos to tease your imagination. We’ll be back soon!

Nepykit, draugai, kolegos ir interesantai, kad taip ilgai nepasirodė naujų straipsniukų. Turejome itin užimtą vasarą ir pagaliau parsibeldėme iš šiaurės. Rengiame didžiulį ir įdomų straipsnį apie savo nuotykius Rusijoje, todėl būkit kantrūs ir nepamirškit karts nuo karto apsilankyti mūsų puslapyje. Padarėme šimtą milijonų nuotraukų, todėl truputėlį užtruks viską sutvarkyti 🙂 Kantrybės! O kol kas keletas kadrų vaizduotei padirginti..


  1. Hi guys, i just heard about your recent trip from a friend, dalius povelius who fished with us in australia. I was wondering – any chance of putting english tags on the photos??
    Awesome pics by the way, cme to australia and ill guide you through my mountains!

    • Hi Sam! We are happy that you like our trip. We are trying to name the photos in English, but it’s a bit of work to translate everything, but we’ll do that some day. Australia would be one of those places one must visit during the life. But at the moment we don’t have enough money for that! 😀 Do you have blog or FB account, I would really like to see what could be done in Australia with fly rod 😀 Best regards!

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