Flies for asp

Olive Feather Winged Muddler

  Everything is the same as in olive muddler, just with a small addition of feather. Now it's sexier and looks more like sculpin.   Viskas tas pats kaip ir alyvuoginiame mudleryje, tik tiek, kad pridėta plunksna sparne. Dabar raštas primena kūjagalvio kūną.

Muddler Minnow Olive

  Original Muddler Minnow was first tied by Don Gapen in 1937, Minesota, USA to imitate local sculpins. The fly was tied using mottled turkey for the tail and wings, but during the years lots of variations emerged. And this particular fly is tied using bucktail for winging. This material is sturdy and creates more vibrations in the water. In...