Pike Fly White Edition

This type of flies for some people look funny and not suitable for fishing. But we can assure you that this construction is one of the best. They are way better than zonker flies. Despite the fact they are big, tied on No. 6/0 hooks, reach 16 cm long and more, they are still very easy to cast! Bucktail...

Pike Fly Yellow Edition

      That was early morning. Our camp was near a big river turn where was a place full of monster pike! They where looking more like crocodiles, not fish anymore. We where hoping to catch some specimen, but our efforts were fruitless. After about forty minutes I decide to change the fly and   the yellow one with some white...

Pike Fly Green Edition

The first this style fly was tied in these colors: bright green and red. It's still the main fly we use. Pikes lose their minds when they see this color. Most of the times we start the day with this fly and don't change it into any other as it works perfectly. Sure, there are days when other colors...