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Yellow Ass Bug

  This one is another newbie in our boxes. Dirty grey body with several yellow accents should be very attractive to chubs and ides. Every year we try some new colors and this bug is one of those experiments. Just the look of this fly creates those beautiful memories of early summer evenings when the weather is calm and the...

Tan Bug

  This is a new member of our bugs family. We have used only bugs with black foam backs, but now we are going to experiment not only with colors of body, but also with colors of backs. This is the first one, there will be more and during the season we will find out if this idea works.     Tai naujasis...

Orange Bug

This is the bug we start season from. It's strange that chub grab such bright fly that doesn't look like real one, except the shape. However, in early season chub love this fly and it's not a coincidence. Two years in a row we where fishing more naturally looking flies, but then at the same spot after tying to...

March Brown

  It's said that March Brown doesn't represent these bugs so well, but it imitates any mayfly very good. The colors are natural, buggy and it looks like some kind of insect drifting with the current. This fly works well all over the season, trout and grayling love it. What is even more attractive, this fly is very old and...

Muddler Minnow Olive

  Original Muddler Minnow was first tied by Don Gapen in 1937, Minesota, USA to imitate local sculpins. The fly was tied using mottled turkey for the tail and wings, but during the years lots of variations emerged. And this particular fly is tied using bucktail for winging. This material is sturdy and creates more vibrations in the water. In...

Hardy’s Favorite

  Everyone knows about Hardy's favorite. We don't exactly know how popular it is in other countries, but it sure is very popular and effective in Lithuania. There are even some fishermen, who keep it as secret and don't show anybody the fly they catch a lot of fish with. One of the most important elements is the body of...