Pagavai – paleisk 2012

  • Pagavai – paleisk 2012

Praėjusį savaitgalį vykusio žemaičių renginio “Pagavai – paleisk 2012” galerija. Gera buvo susipažinti su naujais žmonėnis bei sutikti senus draugus 🙂 Taip pat pirmą kartą pamačiau Miniją ir joje žvejojau. Nuostabi upė, viena gražiausių, kokias teko matyti Lietuvoje. Daugiau foto mūsų Facebook puslapyje.   Last weekend I attended a meeting held by flyfishing club of Klaipėda “Verpetas”. It was fun and interesting to meet new people and see my old friends. Also river Minija is gorgeous.. One of the prettiest rivers of […]

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Lucky Trout

  • Lucky Trout

This year we started our season with pike in snowy river and it might be the reason why it’s hard to catch a trout now. They might be angry at me and refuse to be caught. Today was the fifth fishing trip for trout (except one when we targeted sea trout) and I haven’t caught any. I had several takes and even fights, but no landings. This means – no pictures yet. However, it’s fun to be outside and feel […]

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